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  Let's Ride! 

As we move into 2019 weíd like to start having a couple organized rides a month. For those folks that are able to ride mid-week we have the Grumpy Old Riders (GOR) monthly ride, and one weekend ride monthly. What a great way to show off and ride your vintage bike!

Since no one person knows all the good rides in the area we are looking for help leading rides. We also are looking for volunteers to ride sweep. Riding in groups of 20 or more can be a burden for the four wheelers, not to mention the riders.

We would like to limit rides to groups of 10, or multiple groups of 10. With this being said we do need folks that are interested in helping out in this endeavor. If you have any interest in doing this please get back to me at riding@ntnoa.org

Gary Johnson

December Meeting and Dinner Party Recap
by Wendy Griffiths

The 2018 NTNOA Annual Holiday Party at the Spirit Grille kicked off to a great start with club members and their guests arriving nice and early, all keen to find themselves primo real estate to enjoy the evenings entertainment. The restaurant looked very festive, as did many of attendees who were decked out in their seasons finest outfits, and the weather was mild for December, so, we even had a few riders turn out in their finest black leather, good for them, as it's been way too cold the past few years for a good bike turnout.

As always, the night started out with drinks and socializing before grabbing a table, popping the Xmas crackers, putting paper hats on, reading the corny jokes, and sitting down to a tasty dinner of salmon, bangers and mash, or rosemary chicken.

Then we got down to the serious business of having fun with prizes! Thanks go out to Dennis Tackett, who was the MC and auctioneer for the evening, and, as in past years, he did a marvelous job at entertaining us all. He started the evening off by auctioning a lovely detail painting of a Norton engine, painted and donated by Geri Dunn, which fetched $200, all proceeds going to the club, thanks Geri! Clay Walley was the winner of the auction, which he then gave away to another lucky club member who had admired it. Wow, a truly inspiring gesture, thanks Clay!

I was happy to act as the sober straight sidekick to a very slightly tipsy Dennis, assisting with the door prizes, which had been generously donated by Eurosport, Boris Loera, Richard Asprey, and a few other kind people. In fact, we had so many T-shirts donated that we quickly realized it was going to take us all night to call numbers and give them out, so, we had quite the jolly time lobbing them out into the crowd willy-nilly, which gave our pitching arms a good workout, nearly knocking out a few party goers, and I managed to knock over quite few drinks over, but, it was all a really good laugh....so sorry about the spilled beers! Almost everyone in the place was a winner this year.

The year end 50/50 or "fiddy-fiddy" as Randy Bauer calls it, was a huge success, people could not wait to buy tickets, I don't think there was a club member who did not buy multiple tickets. Thanks to all at Randy's table, who pitched in and broke up the tickets for me whilst I ran around selling them, which was a really fun excuse to visit with everyone. The prize money of over $470 was the largest one to date, congratulations to the lucky winner  James Simonelli.

A big thanks to Cathy Ramsey, who did an excellent job at the door, taking the entry fee AND selling lots of tickets for the 2019 raffle bike, an utterly gorgeous Norton. This was the first year that there was a cover charge for the party, and I think everyone will agree that this is such an excellent night out for just $10 per person, a great meal, deserts, and wonderful company, it truly is a treat getting to visit with other club members who came from far and wide across Texas. What really sticks in my mind from the party is our members and guests kind generosity in wanting to contribute to a brilliant night out and to the clubs coffers by participating.

Last, but not least, the management and staff at Spirit Grille did us proud for another year, with great grub and service, thanks gals and guys!

Many thanks to Randy Bauer for once again managing our display, finding club members to show their vintage motorcycles and working closely with the show promoters to ensure a successful exhibit. Incredibly, starting back in 2010 this was Randyís 8th time organizing and managing our display. In addition, Randy spent many hours ever day at the show promoting our club and helping sell raffle bike tickets.

Click on photo to enlarge.

We made it through another Intíl Motorcycle Show. However, it wasn't without some difficulty that we had with the event staff. But thanks to all the great help and a fantastic group of bikes that were volunteered it turned out to be a great show.

I am sorry for being so slow at getting all the thanks out to everybody. After eight years of doing the IMS I'm worn out. It's was hard to get motivated. Thanks to Mark Dunn, Garry Brooks, Will Mazurek, Brad Earl, Dennis Tackett, Wendy and Dave Griffiths, Dan Piassick, Clay Walley, Christian Davidson, Shawn Henry, George Tuttle, Steve Webster, Mike Fairchild, Randy Jones, Olaf Beyer, Leroy Greene, Ben D'Avanza, Don Tarvin, and Frank Jakab for manding the booth. They were fantastic with a total of $1,730 in raffle tickets sold.

The bikes were beautiful thanks to our club President Richard Asprey, Jay Pope, Chris Parry, J.J. Dobbs, Bill Felton, Gary Johnson, Mike Gang, Keith Smith, Bobby Vaughn, John Cartwright, and John Lundberg.

Special thanks to Dave Bradford and Mark Dunn who stayed with me Thursday through Sunday. They were a big help with unloading and loading. I would not even attempt this without the help of George Tuttle who took care of all the emails from volunteers, bike participants and the IMS.

After eight years George and I are retiring. It's time for some of the younger members to step up with new and fresher ideas. Listening to Dan Piassick, Shawn Henry, and Don Tarvin they had some great ideas for some bikes. Not just one person can do the show alone so maybe two or even three can pool together to run it next time.

If you noticed, we had more new people volunteering to man our booth and enter their bikes in the show. It was nice to see new club members participating. This is what the club needs to carry on this great club into the future.

Thanks again,

Check out Randy's photos taken at the Int'l Motorcycle Show by clicking here.

Our January 2019 Club Meeting is Sunday, January 27th at Pappas Bar-B-Q.

2231 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas

Once again just like the last 16 years our January Meeting will be at Pappas Bar-B-Q.

Members are encouraged to arrive early to socialize, meet new members and their guests and to look over the different assortment of antique and modern bikes. This usually occurs around noon with the formal meeting starting at 2pm.

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