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Wednesday, 22 June, 2016

Monday, 14 Oct, 2013

Good Morning Norton fans,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that we began production of U.S. models last week, and the first batch of 10 are on their wheels and ready for final inspection and crating. Expect three/four weeks for sea shipment then through customs, into the warehouse, then overland to you.

The first batch is 49 state models, with the next batch in about three weeks will be California models. We will alternate each build between 49 state and California models.

I know that ten units seems like a small number, and it is, but we need to recall that we are building bikes by hand, not on a production line. Two technicians build one bike at a time, start to finish. We will ramp up production in the future by finding more and more production efficiencies and expanding production in our new Hastings House facility. However, the bikes will always be built by hand, one at a time.

The bikes will be allocated as fairly as possible, with every dealer receiving at least one unit from each batch. The units received will not necessarily be the unit from your first deposit, but I will try to use your deposit list as the guide. I estimate that it will be at four months before we fulfill all current demand for bikes with deposits.

Next week you will be receiving the required paperwork needed for delivery of bikes. PDI sheets, Warranty registration, workshop manuals, sales policies etc.

A final note: I will be attending the AIME show this week in Orlando. Do any of you plan to attend? If so please let me know so that we can plan a meeting.

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All the best
Dan Van Epps
Norton Motorcycles USA

The Latest Norton Production News Norton
August 2, 2013

Subject: Norton Production update
Dear Norton Motorcycles USA Dealers

First, I apologize for the lack of information and confirmation of the production of new Norton motorcycles for the USA. The last time we spoke I referred to week 28 (ending July 13th) as the build start for USA models. Before I updated you further, I wanted to be sure that some key engineering and vendor issues were solved.

You will recall that in the last production update I had noted that the delays were due to the availability of updated components that we felt are mandatory for U.S. spec. models, and further to complete some technical changes for U.S. models that I felt must be completed before we began the production.

That remains the cause of this yet further delay. The good news is that the engineering solutions are complete and the new components have been shipped to allow us to begin the build start the week of August 12th.

Among the many updates that the USA models will feature, two need to be highlighted:

· New Cylinders - USA models will be the first to feature Nikasil (nickel, silicon carbide) cylinders. Nikasil cylinders weight less, dissipate better, are highly durable and allow tighter tolerances vs., steel liners.

· Newly engineered primary and components – All USA will be the first to feature our new clutch and primary set-up. The new set-up included a re-engineered clutch with new preload springs, basket and associated gears. Any of you who have heard the early bikes run experienced the metallic cacophony (ala Ducati dry clutch) emanating from the left side. I insisted that this was solved before U.S. release. As exhaust and intake noises are reduced, internal engine noise are more and more prevalent and concerning.

· Further improvements include new piston rings, a number of fit and finish issues and improved gear manufacturing processes.

I know that these further delays do nothing but further erode our credibility, and deliveries to Canada and Japan leave you and your customers scratching your collective heads. I would prefer that we do not simply blame the factory. I would prefer that you place responsibilities for receiving bikes after Japan and Canada on me, and for the reasons listed above. Although painful, I am certain that in the long run, getting the U.S. models right before release will in time prove to be the wisest course to follow.

Lastly, pick-up the latest issue (August/September) of Café Racer. Norton is featured on the cover and inside there is quite positive road test comparison between a Commando and a Triumph Thruxton.

All the best,
Dan Van Epps
Director, USA Market

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