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Scores of Pre-1916 Classic Motorcycles to Stop Over
In Hot Springs in Coast-to-Coast ‘Cannonball Run’ in September

HOT SPRINGS NATIONAL PARK, Arkansas — Hot Springs, already known nationwide as a prime destination for motorcycle events, will be host in September to one of the unique motorcycle events in the world — the Motorcycle Cannonball Run 2010.

The Cannonball Run will take a large group of riders all the way across America, starting at Kitty Hawk, N.C., and ending two weeks later in Santa Monica, Calif.

The fascinating part of the event is that all the motorcycles must be pre-1916 vintage classic machines.   Hot Springs will host the riders and their amazing bikes for two nights and one day — September 16 – 18.

“The annual HOG Rallies and the Hot Springs Rallies have drawn thousands of riders and their families to Hot Springs over the years,” said Steve Arrison, CEO of the Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau, which is helping sponsor the Hot Springs stop of the Run. “But we haven’t seen this many priceless vintage bikes in one place.”

“This amazing family-friendly event should cement Hot Springs’ reputation as the most friendly place in America for bikers to meet and have fun,” said Charles Moore, chairman of the Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission.

Mike Thompson, NTNOA member and president of the Diamond Chapter (Arkansas) of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, said, “The potential for our state and our city and our club is mind-boggling.” He said the classic motorcycles will be stored at the Hot Springs Convention Center during the stopover in the Spa City.

Motorcycle Cannonball Course Master John Classen said the route for the Cannonball Run 2010 was “painstakingly designed to avoid having the riders enter a single interstate whenever possible.” “We’ll have 12 hours of daylight each day,” Classen said, “and the goal is to have every rider check in daily at the ending point one hour before sunset to avoid wildlife and other after-dark safety issues.”

“To date,” he said, “the Motorcycle Cannonball Run 2010 has drawn entries from around the world and all walks of life, including motorcycle museum owners, authors, bike collectors and restorers. Entrants thus far have come from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and the United States. More than 60 riders had signed up for the Run as of Sunday.”  Conjuring up the spirit of famed motorcycle daredevils and cross-country endurance riders of the previous century like Erwin “Cannonball” Baker and George Wyman, the Motorcycle Cannonball Run will launch a pack of riders on vintage motorcycles for the historic ride across America .

The event is the brainchild of Lonnie Isam, Jr., promoter and owner of Jurassic Racing in Sturgis, S.D., and the Motorcycle Cannonball of 2010.

Isam said the motorcycles in the Cannonball will include classic pre-1916 motorcycles such Pope, Sears, Flying Merkel, Excelsior, Henderson, Indian, Triumph, and the Harley-Davidson’s Silent Grey Fellows.

The transcontinental ride will cover 3,325 miles starting September 10 at Kitty Hawk. To the greatest extent possible, the ride will utilize non-Interstate roadways and will conclude on the west coast two weeks later in Santa Monica.

“We expect this to be a grueling coast-to-coast pursuit as riders navigate the back roads and byways of our great nation on bikes that are over 90 years old” Isam said, “and it’s likely that some may not complete the ride. There should be plenty of drama along the way.”

Complete information about the Motorcycle Cannonball Run, including entry requirements, is available at For more information contact Steve Arrison at 501-321-2027.

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