Hi Everybody -

Thanks for the "official" invite to this year's LOP. Also renaming of Concours Award in honor of Jack.

To the Peckerhead Team, thanks for the T/shirt & collection of monies for save the salt foundation. Let's hope this earnest effort will help save the "Great Salt Flats". To all the NTNOA Club members, thanks so very much for your donations to both AMA Jack Wilson Memorial Fundand Save the Salt. He always felt he should give something back to the M/C business he was so committed to, and now you honor him for the time and effort he gave through the years. Thank you!

I know there are people out there who gave more than their fair share on this project. I can't call names for fear of leaving someone out and hurting feelings so I'll just say "Thank you" one and all. 

I'm sorry to say I don't think I'll be able to attend this years LOP. Back in August I fractured an ankle (the throttle foot dam' it) and I'm still in a walking cast. But if things change may haps I will show up for a day. Hope this LOP 2000 is biggest and best!

Thanks again.

Katy Wilson

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