A bit of NTNOA trivia
2014 is the 25th anniversary of the auctioning of our first motorcycle!!!

The NTNOA's very first raffle bike was a BSA 441 Victor. The year was 1990 and Paul Valentine was the lucky winner.  Paul recently rediscovered it while cleaning out his backyard storage building. A tree is slowly demolishing the building so he has been emptying it to tear it down; thus bringing out the bike.  Paul is certain of the date because it’s lettered on the gas tank by a guy named Curtis that used to hang around Big D in those days. Curtis misspelled Raffle on the tank.  He spelled it as "Raffel".  The bike is complete except for a battery and a zener diode.  It was running when Paul stored it right after the rallye.  It needs a lot of cleaning up from years of being subject to various types of varmints, but it has fared much better than expected.

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