The 33rd "Land O' the Pines Rallye" is again at Diamond Don's Campground.
September 28th – October 1st - 2017

The rallye draws over 300 people displaying over 150 of the finest vintage motorcycles anywhere in the country.  Join us at Diamond Don's Motorsports & RV Park which is just one mile outside of Jefferson, Texas.  Participate in Friday's Field Events, display your bike in Saturday's bike show and ride in the Rolling Concours.  Come enjoy a weekend full of great entertainment and fun.

The rallye moved to Diamond Don’s campground for the first time last year.  This is a beautiful campground located in the woods of East Texas. It is only 1 mile north of Jefferson on Highway 49 with all its antique shops, stores, and restaurants. The campground sits on 100 acres and has 50 RV hook ups along with a dump station. There are clean restrooms and free Wi-Fi. The center of the campground has a huge covered pavilion with a stage, sound system, lighting, and a bar with a fridge. The pavilion will be operating hub of the rallye where we will have the awards ceremony and dinner Saturday night. It has seating for 200 people. There are sprinklers throughout the campground which makes it a nice grassy location with no dust. There is a campground PA system as well. A river runs along the western edge of the campground which is also the route for Don’s vintage train that can be boarded in downtown Jefferson. This location has a large central open area that is perfect for our new field events being held on Friday and for our traditional bike show and rolling concours to be held on Saturday. As an added attraction there is a fenced in alligator pit!

2017 Land O The Pines (LOP) Update
 Rallye Chairman – Dennis Tackett

This year’s rallye is shaping up to be the best ever! Your club officers have been working diligently to get all the details worked out. Keep an eye on the coming events section of the website for the latest details. Below are some of the highlights:

Diamond Don Campground

We met with Diamond Don and his manager Francene this past weekend.

  • All costs and fees charged to the club will remain the same as last year.
  • The club will be allowed to use the new building at registration for securely storing registration supplies during the rallye at no additional cost.
  • Fire wood will be increased from 5 cords to 10 cords.
  • Golf Cart rental will again be available.
  • All the rain has made the campground lush and green so dust will not be a problem.

 Rallye Details

  • We are very excited to announce there are 3 sponsors committed to the rallye. RPM Cycle is sponsoring the bike show trophies. Shelby is sponsoring the Antique American trophy. Hagerty Insurance is sponsoring the Rolling Concours.
  • The Field Events will be expanded and start later in the day on Friday.
  • The food vendor will remain the same as last year.
  • We will again offer the purchase of raffle bike tickets in exchange for food vouchers.
  • Registration will begin on Wednesday.
  • The city of Jefferson has allocated $500 for local advertising for the rallye. In exchange the city would like us to distribute surveys at registration.

When we met with Don and Francene they shared the results of last year’s surveys: 

  • 35 surveys were turned in.
    • 75% stayed at the campground
    • 90% shopped in Jefferson
    • 100% said they had fun!
    • 99% rated the staff friendly and helpful
    • 90% were riders
    • 100% said they will come back!

I am looking forward to another successful rallye. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or can volunteer to help set up on Wednesday or pack up on Sunday.

 Dennis Tackett

Click here for directions.

For more information click on LOP in "Ride Texas" Magazine & Early Rallye History

2017 Rallye Schedule

2pm Friday Field Events

Cold Start – Vintage British Kickstart & Open Class
A. Under 500cc (Vintage British Only) 1st & 2nd Place
B. 500cc and over (Vintage British Only) 1st & 2nd Place
C. Non-British Other (Open Class) 1st

Ride the Plank – Open Class
A. Singles – 1st
B. Twins and Triples – 1st

Clothespin Hanging – Two Up – Open Class
1st Place

Ring Toss – Two Up –Open Class
1st Place

Barrel Roll – Open Class
1st Place

Slow Race – Open Class
A. Singles – 1st
B. Twins & Triples – 1st

Dirt Drags – Vintage British Only & Open Class
A. Singles 250cc and below – 1st Place
B. Singles 250cc and up – 1st & 2nd Place
C. Twins & Triples Vintage British – 1st & 2nd Place
D. Twins & Triples Modern British – 1st & 2nd Place
E. Open Class – All Bikes – 1st Place


Bike Show

9:00am – 11:00am: Registration
11:00am – 2:00pm: Bike Show Judging

Bike show judging is by popular vote.

Rolling Concours

2:00pm – 4:00pm: Course Is Open

Motorcycles must participate in the Bike Show to be eligible for Rolling Concours. All participants will receive a medal at the halfway point. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies will be awarded. Judging will be conducted by a secret panel of judges.

Saturday Night

5:30pm – 7:00pm: Award Ceremony
7:00pm – 8:00pm: Break for dinner
8:00pm - ?: Music and Dancing at the Pavilion






Registration fee Includes:

ROLLING CONCOURS WITH CASH AWARDS - Sponsored by Hagerty Insurance

SWAP MEET ALL DAY SATURDAY (bring your own table) FREE CAMPING (with electrical hook-ups)

Registration onsite: Single $45 - Family $55. Family is Mom, Dad & 2 kids (under 18). Each additional child is $10.
Day Pass - $15.00. Includes bike show voting but doesn't include entering a bike in the Show.

Food will be available on site for purchase.
There will be no free food available.

We plan to offer a special deal from a different vendor than last year.  When you purchase 5 Raffle Bike Tickets you will receive 1 free meal ticket.  The meal ticket will be good for up to $10 towards a meal.  There is no limit to the number of meal tickets that you can get in this fashion.  We plan on having these meal tickets available for use on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

     Raffle Bike Tickets:
     1 for $5.00
     5 for $20.00 and a Meal Ticket (Value of up to $10)
     10 for $35.00 and two Meal Tickets (Value of up to $20)

Food Truck Menu

Down home style smoked BBQ and deep fried catfish, brisket, ribs and smoked turkey.
Baskets - Sandwich, chips, pickle and onions:
     Brisket sandwich $8
     Chicken sandwich $8
Ala cart:
     Smoked turkey legs $8
     Loaded stuffed baked potato $10
     Loaded cheese fries $7
     Home cut fries $5
Baskets with choice of meat, fries, pickles and onions:
     Ribs $10
     Half smoked chicken $10
Breakfast menu:
    Smoked brisket tacos with eggs and potatoes 2 for $7
    Coffee cup $1
We provide the condiments for all the items we sell.

2017 Bike Show Classes & Rules
Sponsored by RPM Cycle

All of last year’s winners must enter their bike into the Concours Class.

There are two Pacific Rim classes. Both are for 1992 and older models. One class is for bikes of less than 500cc and the other for bikes of 500cc or greater. The size is based on the bikes description such as CB750 and not the actual engine displacement.

Bike Classes Trophies
Class 1 Concours (Jack Wilson Memorial) 1
Class 2 Norton (Pre -Commando) 1
Class 3 Norton Commando 3
Class 4 Triumph (1970 & Older) 2
Class 5 Triumph (1971 - 1987) 2
Class 6 British (1988 & Newer) 3
Class 7 BSA 2
Class 8 Other British & European (1992 & Older) 2
Class 9 German (1992 & Older) 3
Class 10 Italian (1992 & Older) 3
Class 11 Italian Modern (1993 & Newer) 1
Class 12 Competition (Ed Mabry Award) 1
Class 13 Sidecar 1
Class 14 Pacific Rim (Less than 500cc, 1992 & Older) 3
Class 15 Pacific Rim (More than 500cc, 1992 & Older) 3
Class 16 American (1992 & Older) 3
Class 17 Modern (1993 & Newer) 2
Class 18 Modified Street (Café) 2
Class 19 Modified Street (Custom/Chopped/Bobbed) 2
Class 20 Pit Bike/Mini Bike (125cc or less/ any year) 2

The American Class is sponsored by Shelby and Gloria Withrow.

Rolling Concours Rules
Sponsored by Hagerty Insurance

This event is open to all street legal motorcycles at least 30-years old. Entrants will be required to complete a relatively short road course to be eligible. A certification stop will be required half way through the ride.  The location to be announced. A chase vehicle will be available to pick up any non-finishers. Upon return, eligible bikes will be parked in an impound area for judging. No wiping or polishing will be allowed in the impound area. We want to see rare bikes in riding condition, so bugs and dirt from the ride are considered a plus!

All riders will receive a participant’s medallion.

Rolling Concours participants must enter their bikes in the bike show to be eligible.

There were 130 bikes in the Bike Show, an NTNOA Rallye Record!

2016 Bike Show Awards & Winners


Class Description


Year/Make/Model of Bike


CONCOURS – Jack Wilson Memorial

1st Richard Asprey

1915 Norton 16TT


NORTON (Pre-Commando)

1st Richard Asprey

1958 Norton Dominator


NORTON COMMANDO - Joe Edwards (aka Dr. Norton) Memorial Award 

1st Bob Cox
2nd Jim DeBlois

1974 Commando Roadster
1970 Commando Roadster


TRIUMPH (1970 & Older) 

1st Mike Fairchild
2nd Jim DeBlois

1969 Trophy
1964 Cub


TRIUMPH (1971 - 1987)

1st Elvis Jr.
2nd Mike Thomson

1973 T150V Trident
1973 Hurricane


BRITISH MODERN (1988 & Newer)

1st Elvis Jr.
2nd David Griffiths
3rd John Clements

1998 Thunderbird Sport
2015 Triumph Bonneville
2007 Triumph T100



1st Jim DeBlois
2nd Jay Pope

1958 Gold Star
1970 Firebird



1st Richard Asprey
2nd Allen Solomon

1954 Vincent White Shadow
1953 AJS


GERMAN (1991 & Older)

1st Tom Willis
2nd Mike Thomson
3rd Charlie Stoner

1956 BMW R56
1974 BMW R90S
1971 BMW R/75


ITALIAN ( 1991 & Older) 

1st Jamie King
2nd Ted Garland

1972 Guzzi Eldorado
1972 Guzzi Eldorado


ITALIAN MODERN (1992 & Newer) 

1st Doug Fox

1995 1100 Hyper Guzzi


COMPETITION - Ed Mabry Memorial Award

1st Tim Lopon

Triumph T140 Drag Bike



1st Bill Fernau

1967 BMW


PACIFIC RIM (< 500cc, 1991 & Older)
Norm Blumenberg Memorial Award

1st Isiah Booth
2nd Jim DeBlois
3rd Mark Dunn

1984 Yamaha RZ350
1974 Yamaha RD350
1973 Yamaha DT250


PACIFIC RIM (> 500cc, 1991 & Older

1st Michael Lanning
2nd Dean Heatley
3rd Gary Anderson

1979 Kawasaki KZ650
1982 Honda GL1100
1978 Honda GL1000


AMERICAN (1991 & Older)
Mike (Grumpy) Brown Memorial Award

1st Mike McMains
2nd Jay Pope

1930 Indian Chief
1942 Harley-Davidson UL


MODERN (1992 & Newer) 

1st Kenny Farrell
2nd Bobby Vaughn

2015 H-D Softail Deluxe
2012 Kawasaki Z1000



1st Walt Branham
2nd Dick Gambino

2073 Production Racer
1984 BMW R65 Modified


MODIFIED STREET (Custom / Bobbed )

1st James A. Powell
2nd Dennis Smith

1963 BSA Modified
1970 Triumph Bobber


PIT BIKE / MINI BIKE (125cc or less / any year) 

1st David Morales
2nd Jerrett Martin

1977 Honda CT70
1971 Suzuki T125







Richard Asprey

1915 Norton 16TT







1st Gary Moore
2nd Richard Asprey
3rd Mike Fairchild

1971 Norton Commando
1955 Norton Dominator
1969 Triumph Trophy






BEST NORTON - Ridden to the Rally

Jim Comstock

1975 Norton Commando


BEST TRIUMPH - Ridden to the Rally

David Griffith

2015 Triumph Bonneville


BEST ITALIAN - Ridden to the Rally

Paul Dalton

1984 Moto Guzzi SP


BEST GERMAN - Ridden to the Rally

Nick Gilbreath

1977 BMW R/W/&






Bent Valve Award

Allen Solomon

1953 AJS

The 2016 Raffle Bike was a 1972 Triumph TR6

Winner of the 1972 Triumph TR6 raffle bike was Mark Wood.
Dennis Tackett handing the raffle bike title to Mark and his son at Big D Cycle on Saturday, Oct. 8th.

Click here for a bit of Raffle Bike Trivia.

2017 Raffle Bike

1978 750cc Triumph Bonneville - Click here to purchase raffle bike tickets.

2016 Rallye Pin

Click on photo to enlarge


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